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The Best Hair Extension Type

Hair extension is one of the best accessories for your hair to look hip and stylish. It offers limitless hairstyles for you, you can have different colors or you can do braids. Hair extensions are a great way to add length or volume to people who have short hair. Wearing hair extensions makes every woman look younger and youthful. Hair extensions are also the best option if you have slow hair growth or thinning hair. It is also the safest way to style your hair without cutting or bleaching your natural hair.  There are a lot of hair extension brands in the market right now which is better since you have a lot of choices. There are also a lot of types of hair extensions. All types of hair extensions have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hair extensions Vs Synthetic hair extensions Hair extensions can be human hair extensions which are more expensive compared to synthetic hair extensions. If you have a lot of money they you can opt for human hair extension since it looks n

Herbalife Fat Release: New Fat Blocker Product

Herbalife a global MLM nutrition company unveiled on July 16, 2022 their new weight management product that uses fiber sourced from prickly pear cactus called "Herbalife Fat Release." It's a science-backed fat blocker that is designed to assist our healthy and active lifestyle.   Herbalife Fat Release main ingredient is Litramine which is a prickly pear cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica) derived fiber for weight management. Its purpose is to block the effects of eating food that are high in fat. Not being physically active and overeating are the two major reason for the escalating obesity prevalence. Reduction in the absorption of fat from food may help create a negative energy balance and help in managing weight problem. In a recent survey of 2,004 American residents it shows that the average person overeats unhealthy food three nights per week. About 62% feel they always choose taste over nutritional value when it comes to healthy snacks. It is devastating for maintaining a

Dry Hands Grip, What Is Dry Hands Grip?

There are a lot of people suffering from dry hands and there different factors that causes this like weather or chemicals that can dry your skin out. During the pandemic were you constantly washing your hands repeatedly or the frequent use alcohol or hand sanitizer to sanitize your hands can cause it to dry. There are also medical conditions that can cause extremely dry hands. Having dry hands can be irritating specially if you work using your hands like if you are a dockworker, or other job which requires you to lift heavy items at work. It's hard to lift heavy objects if you don't have a grip. If you are in sports like baseball, basketball, weightlifting, CrossFit, golf, pole dancing, bowling, lawn bowls, mountain climbing, gymnastics, or billiard you need to have a tight grip to perform your best. The best product to improve grip is Dry Hands Grip.  What Is Dry Hands Grip? Dry Hands Grip is the best gripping solution to solve this problem. It is a non-sticky gripping soluti

Dry Hands Causes

  Are you experiencing dry hands right now and you wanted to know the reason why? A lot of factors can contribute to having dry hands. It can be caused by the weather, chemicals that you are using or handling, how often you wash your hands, etc. In this article, we will figure out the potential causes and how to treat dry skin on the hands.   Why is hand care important? We use our hands all the time for work, for play, for eating, and a lot more things. We also expose our hands to a lot of stuff that can be harmful to our skin like detergent, alcohol, paint, dirt, pollution, heat, and frequent hand washing. All of these things can damage our skins natural barrier and causes dry hands. The skin on our fingers and palms are made up of high density of sweat glands with some sebaceous glands (tiny exocrine gland in the skin that opens into a hair follicle that releases oily or waxy matter). The skin on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands are very thick since they receive more fric


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