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Carhartt Lunchbox Your Tough Lunchtime Companion

Carhartt Lunch Box Review

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When it comes to a typical work or school day, lunchtime can be an adventure in itself. You might find yourself perched atop a noisy machine, ducked under a truck or taking a quick break to cast a fishing line from a nearby dock. With all of this activity and movement, it's important to have a lunch box that is up to the challenge of keeping your food secure and fresh.

The Carhartt insulated lunch box is the perfect solution to this challenge. Constructed from durable and rugged waxed canvas, this lunch box can withstand the toughest of conditions, from scorching hot summer days to icy cold winter mornings. The canvas also resists spills and stains, helping to keep it looking new even after many uses.

Inside, the quilted lining provides an added layer of protection for your lunch. The insulation keeps your food at the ideal temperature, whether you've packed a hearty sandwich or a refreshing salad. The lining is also easy to clean, so you can quickly wipe away any spills or crumbs that may have accumulated during the day.

In addition to its practical features, the Carhartt insulated lunch box also has a classic and timeless design. The brown canvas and simple logo make it a stylish accessory that can be carried with pride, whether you're heading to work, school, or a weekend picnic.

The Carhartt insulated lunch box is a reliable and durable option that can handle whatever lunchtime adventures come your way. It's the perfect companion for those who need a lunch box that can keep up with their active and busy lifestyle.

A Stay-Cold Tough Lunch Bag

When it comes to packing your lunch, the insulated Carhartt keeps food fresh for hours. With its tough 500-denier polyester construction and lined canvas, this lunch box keeps sandwiches, yogurt cups and cut-up fruits cold and damage-free.

Plenty of Pockets for On-the-Go Snacks

An outer zippered pocket means essentials stay with you. And two inner mesh pockets divide snacks and utensils. Plus, a PVC-coated haul handle makes carrying easy between classes or tasks.

Built to Take the Lunchtime Beatings

With triple-needle stitching and heavy-duty zippers, the Carhartt work lunch box is designed to take hits, yanks and drops from your tools and machines. Built by a workwear brand trusted for 150+ years.

Long Lunches Made Easy

Our tested lunch box stood up to summer picnics, outdoor work breaks and multi-hour drives with food as fresh as the minute we packed it. This lunch box keeps snacks separated and organized for a clean-up-free lunch.

Pros and Cons of Carhartt lunch box

Here are some pros and cons of the Carhartt lunch box:


Durable design - Made with heavy-duty 500D polyester and triple-stitched seams for longevity. Can withstand wear and tear from work or school.
Insulated interior - Fully insulated liner helps keep food and drinks cool for up to 8 hours, depending on conditions.
Plenty of storage - Main insulated compartment plus mesh pockets to organize snacks, utensils, ice packs and condiments.
Haul handle for easy carrying - Padded PVC-coated haul handle makes it simple to transport the lunch box between locations.
Water resistant - The outer fabric uses Rain Defender technology to shed light splashes and rain.
Lifetime warranty - Backed by Carhartt's limited lifetime warranty against defects.

Not fully waterproof - While the fabric is water resistant, it is not designed to be submerged in water.
No dividers - The main insulated compartment has no built-in dividers, so items may shift around.
Zippers not heaviest duty - While durable, the zippers are not designed for extremely heavy-duty use.
Small spills can seep in - Minor spills inside the lunch box can sometimes seep into the lining.
Heavier than hard-sided lunch boxes - The soft-sided design makes it slightly bulkier and heavier than hard-sided options.

Overall, the pros of the Carhartt insulated lunch box outweigh the cons for those seeking a durable and economical lunch carrier for work, school, travel or outdoor use. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Here's my personal experience with the Carhartt lunch box:

I've been using the Carhartt insulated lunch box for over a year now to carry my lunch to and from work. It has held up extremely well and shows very little signs of wear. Some points:

Durability - The outer material and stitching have not ripped or broken despite regular use. The zippers work smoothly.
Insulation - I'm able to pack my lunch with an ice pack and still have some cold items at lunchtime, around 4-5 hours later. Sandwiches, fruits and yogurt stay refreshingly cool.

carthartt lunch box with beer cans and ice
Organization - I use one mesh pocket for utensils and condiment packets, and the other for snacks like granola bars. The main compartment holds my sandwich, snacks and ice pack. Everything stays separated neatly.

carthartt lunch box mesh pocket for utensils and condiment packets
Size - It's the perfect size for my basic daily lunch. Not too large but holds enough food and drinks for me. Fits nicely in my backpack or tote bag.
Style - While not flashy, the neutral khaki color and minimalist style work well for my casual office.
Carhartt lunch box
My only slight critique would be that minor spills inside can get on the lining and are difficult to wipe completely clean. But overall, I find the Carhartt lunch box to be extremely practical, useful and unmatched in quality for the price. The durability and insulation have surpassed my expectations.

I would absolutely recommend this lunch box for anyone seeking a no-frills, long-lasting option to carry lunches to work, school, outdoor activities and more. The construction and materials used feel like they will easily last me another year or longer with regular use and care.

Here are some key points from customer reviews and experiences with the Carhartt lunch box:

Durability - Customers consistently praise the durable construction and materials, noting that the lunch box has held up very well over long-term use. Many say it shows little signs of wear even after years of regular use.

Insulation - Most customers say the insulation keeps food cool for at least 4-6 hours, though 8 hours depends on conditions. Sandwiches, snacks and fruits typically stay refreshingly chilled for a workday.

Organization - The various mesh pockets and dividers help keep items separated and organized. Users enjoy having different compartments for utensils, ice packs, snacks and their main lunch.

Washability - Though the lunch box is not fully machine washable, many customers note that wiping it down or hand-washing the inside liner is easy and effective for basic clean-ups.

Value - Customers frequently comment that the lunch box offers exceptional value for the price, providing durable performance that exceeds expectations.

Limited warranty - Some customers have had to use the limited warranty for issues like broken zippers, and say Carhartt has been quick to honor and replace the lunch box.

In summary, customer feedback overwhelmingly praises the Carhartt lunch box for its durable and practical design that delivers reliable performance for years. The insulation, organization and compact size are seen as big advantages, while the only main critique is around occasional spills seeping into the lining. But most agree that for the cost, the Carhartt lunch box is a smart, long-term investment.

Subway Hamster ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Insulates well
"I bought this for hiking trips where you're not going to be able to go back into town to have lunch. You stick an ice pack in there with your lunch and you're good for several hours. (I would not trust it to last until dinnertime.). I have even ice-packed sunscreen in there on warm days so that the sunscreen doesn't get compromised from the high heat. The cooler can fit into the glove compartment of your car if you empty it out a bit."

Mlb99 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Easy to clean
"Easy to clean, lots of room , easy to put in backpack, great for the teenage boy. My son didn’t think the snoopy lunch bag I got was funny. And he didn’t care too much for us encouraging him to use his sisters flowery lunch boxes."

LMC ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ hands down fantastic for traveling
"these make my daily routine 100x better. i have four of these: one for morning toiletries, one for evening toiletries, one for medicines, and one for small electronics like batteries and cables. i put a different colored band on each of them. they’re fantastic. they’re durable, very easy to clean, offer great protection, and have a perfect balance of flexibility and structure."  

Carhartt Lunch Box Q&A:

Q: How long will food stay cold in the Carhartt lunch box?
A: The lining and insulation in the Carhartt lunch box is designed to keep food cold for 8+ hours. However, much depends on the type of food, the temperature when packing and other factors. Most users report that sandwiches, snacks and fruits stay cold for 4-6 hours, which is long enough for a typical workday.

Q: Is the Carhartt lunch box water resistant?
A: Yes, the outer fabric of the lunch box is made with Rain Defender, Carhartt's water repellent technology. It can withstand light splashes and rain, but is not fully waterproof.

Q: Can the Carhartt lunch box fit in a backpack?
A: Yes, due to its soft-sided design, the Carhartt lunch box can easily fit inside most backpacks. The dimensions of 10" x 7.5" x 4" and weight of 0.4 lbs make it a convenient lunch carrier for work, school or travel.

Q: How long will the Carhartt lunch box last?
A: Carhartt lunch boxes are made with durable materials and triple-stitched seams for longevity. Most users report the lunch box lasting for many years with regular use and proper care. Carhartt also backs the lunch box with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Q: What size ice pack should I use with the Carhartt lunch box?
A: A standard 6-8 hour ice pack around 6-8" in length will fit well inside the Carhartt lunch box. Place the ice pack in one of the mesh pockets or in the main insulated compartment, leaving enough room for your lunch and items.

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